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Official website of the Ministry Of Public Security and Safety.

We are committed to promoting the health and well-being of all citizens of Edo State by providing high-quality healthcare services and implementing effective public health policies.

Our Vision

To be the leading organization for coordination and enhancement of Safety, Security and emergency interventions for sustainable peace and prosperity of the State.

Our Mission

To create technology enabled platforms that promotes cooperation among Safety and Security Organization, for responsive capabilities in mitigating threats, emergencies and any disorder in the State .

Core Values





Our Team

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Our Objectives

Our Function

  1. Provide strategic policy and regulatory support in the operations of Safety and Security Agencies and Stakeholders in the State.
  2. Initiate, formulate, coordinate and monitor internal security policies in line with the needs of the State.
  3. Develop effective strategies and schemes to improve the operations of Safety and Security Agencies in the State.
  4. Promote operational efficiency of Public safety agencies by encouraging Inter- agency collaboration and communication. Put in place processes and procedures to acquire and analyse surveillance and intelligence data.
  5. Establish a command and control call center to deal with compliant and manage emergency warning signal.